Affiliate Program Agreement

Updated: March, 2023

  • We have set some provisions and rules necessary to organize work on the Force Stores platform, which oblige all parties to resort to them, especially in matters that need accurate explanations to facilitate and understand the way of working.
  • By checking the box indicating that you agree to the terms and conditions of this Operating Agreement, or by continuing to participate in the Program after we have posted a notice of change or amended Operating Agreement on the Site. ) agree to be bound by this Operating Agreement

Program description

  • The purpose of the Program is to allow you to advertise products on your site and earn advertising fees or commissions for qualified purchases made by your end users. A “Product” is any item sold on a Partner’s Website, other than any products expressly identified as Excluded Products herein (collectively, “Excluded Products”)
  • In order to facilitate your advertising of Products, we may provide you with data, images, text, link formats, widgets, links and other linking tools and other information relating to the Program (“Content”).


  • The commission is determined in advance every period, provided that all partners (commission sellers) are notified a week before it becomes effective.
  • The commission and its percentage are renewed monthly automatically.

Withdrawal provisions

  • The prescribed withdrawal limit is EGP 1,000.
  • There are no withdrawal requests, but they are sent automatically when the withdrawal amount (1000 pounds) is reached.
  • We are provided with an e-wallet number for a mobile company, provided that it is placed in the settings section of your page on the commission sales program.
  • Withdrawal requests are not considered unless the commission amount (1000 pounds) is exceeded.
  • In the event that the marketer terminates the work by selling on commission on the Force Stroz website and withdraws the commission funds under any circumstances, 30% of the realized commission will be deducted, and the remaining payments will be completed after deducting all the mentioned dues for the marketer within 14 days of his request to close his account permanently.
  • The minimum number of requests per month is 30.
  • In the event that the marketer implements a number of requests less than the target required per month, his account will be closed.
  • In the event of registration, and our marketing has been abandoned for a period exceeding 30 days, the account will be suspended and permanently deleted, even if the account has dues to the marketer.

The method of work

With the approval of the marketer and then creating a new account, he becomes with the marketer tools to help him work to achieve the maximum benefit from commission marketing.

Marketer Tools

  • The marketer has only one coupon, which is placed in the discount field of the shopping cart, in order to confirm the privacy of the order for him.
  • The marketer has his own link, but it is preferable to use the coupon with it for organizational importance only, and requests created with the link only are not considered.
  • The marketer owns his own store, which allows him to work through it without going to the site (
  • The marketer has the ability to track orders and know whether orders have been delivered or not, or their status in real time.

Order rules

  1. In the event that the marketer orders a number of products for a customer, let it be two pieces, and the customer wants to increase the order to any other number, even if he wants to increase another third piece, the marketer is not entitled to request a commission on the third piece or the other pieces.
  2. In the event that the customer wants to replace or return a product, he will notify us through the WhatsApp service provided by the number 01222140555, provided that work is done with him according to the return policy.

Places that do not include delivery coverage.

Matrouh Governorate, except for Alexandria Street only

the new Valley.Sinai in its entirety.The Red Sea except (Hurghada).Link to create a new account